1. Was walking around in a book store when i hear this girl say: “Oh, there is more books over her?!” to her friend…

    I was like: “Stupid?!”



  3. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…


  4. Am i the only one who is like this one hour before exame? :-D


  5. Good morning! Here is a little morning poem!

    Leave back all your worries and troubles of yesterday,
    Make yourself a silent promise to make today a better day. 
    Now my dear friend, a brand new day lays ahead of you,
    Face it with pride, because it is a gift and is totally new. 
    May all your goals and ambitions for the day be set,
    I wish you have an amazing day and a night without regrets.
    Good morning buddy. Have a grand day! 


  6. Yaaaawwwwnnnnn!!! I’m tired, going to bed! Goodnight folks!


  7. Then there was these two kids that walked into my garden, i didn’t know them, so i was like, GET OUT!!!


  8. Challenge accepted!


  9. New haircut!


  10. God damn it’s a beautiful weather we are having!